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About Pastels:

Pastel, archivally stable and as pur a form of pigment as one can use,  is simply straight pigment packed into a
stick form with a binder.  Colors may be seamlessly smoothed and blended or applied in strokes which
blend in the eye.

The Schoolgirl

Emma began modeling
for a Pastel Portrait
Class in the studio
when she was twelve
years old.  

With glossy
dark hair and
clear eyes,
Emma was sheer
delight to draw
and paint. 

At present she
is pursuing her
persistent ambition
to be an actress,
taking special
classes and acting
in various Seattle
productions when
she is not going
to high school.

You would not have
recognized Emma at 
our latest exhibit
where she served
hors d'oeuvres in
white from hair
to feet,  like a 

Pastel on Paper


The Comedienne

Sharon is a Stand-up
Comedienne,  as well as
a professional counselor.
Her wry comments make
a session with her
as the model,  more
than the usual

She has the kind of
bone structure that
make artists' right
brains click into

Pastel on paper
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