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Sealpoint ~ Taj

The finest is
if any cat  a sealpoint
stretching legs together overlong
taupe stockings against
thighs of ancient watered silk
  offwhite nap of heaven

now curl cat 
orderly  just so
and let me  
own a statue

  a satin flag signals
not a perfect fit
and one point lies unfurled

  primp just once
a combed line sits abreast your prow
and yawn  your  face
a toothful chasm
nearly inside out
(very like a snake)

then  circle once
   make your mask serene
to gaze in azure

  to blink in your slow cadence
show shining  gems in ebon velvet

will you sleep?
not now
  as you are watching me

                 holland 8-97

Joseph in Profile ~~ Oil on wood panel, 36" x 24"

Joesph is a smooth, graceful African with the hint of the Semitic in his features. His skin tones are a delight to the eye, and he evokes a sense of calm and serenity.

The music Joseph often brings to his modelling "gigs" speaks of his love and appreciation of all ethnicities.

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