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Private Collectors

Sorcha Meek and Barry Paul,      Dublin, Ireland
Drucilla and Herbert Gullberg,   Moylan, Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Presnall               Bellevue,  Washington
Loyal and Jack MacMillan         Bellevue,  Washington
Connie and Peter Dickinson       Winnetka,  Illinois
Joan and Jerry Karter            New York,  New York
Ann and Bob Wright               Marblehead,  Massachusetts
Beverly and Myron Tepper         Peoria,  Illinois
Doris and Joe Pummill            San Francisco,  California
Donna and Carl Trickle           Ocean City, New Jersey
Joan and George Zensen           Elkhart, Indiana
Kate Guyllensvard                Cambridge, Massachusetts
David A. Hoots                   Renton,  Washington
Linda and David Hoffmann         Bellevue,  Washington
Charlotte Moore                  Kirkland,  Washington
Penny Short                      Issaquah, Washington
Peggy Brautigan                  Issaquah, Washington 
Lowell Halverson                 Mercer Island,  Washington
Pat Kealoha                      Kailua Kona, Hawaii
Margaret Perley                  Virginia Beach, Virginia
Maija and Wayne Culs-Deal        Issaquah, Washington
Veronika Van Epp                 Burlington,  West Virginia
Jody Norton                      Bellevue,  Washington 
Susan Bittner                    Seattle, Washington
Gail and Dennis Bruce            Issaquah,  Washington
Catherine Davis                  Renton,  Washington
Mary Sheila Eerkes               Oak Harbor, Washington
Cynthis E. Gould                 Edmonds,  Washington
Julie Hillenbrand                Bothell,  Washington
Dorothy and Gerald Knitter       Issaquah,  Washington
Emily Millar                     Bellevue,  Washington

Works at Large

  Issaquah Historical         Post Office,  Issaquah, WA 98027
  Painting for Commemorative
  Cover project.
  The Farm, oil               Balley  Cooler,
                              Westchester, Pennsylvania

  Calves, watercolor          Lake Samammish Veterinary Hospital, 
                              Issaquah,  Washington
  Kittens,  watercolor        Lake Sammamish Vet. Hosp.  " "
  Llamas,  pen and ink        Lake Sammamish Vet. Hosp.  " "

  Hermie (the camel),
  Panache, (the llama)
  and  about twenty five
  different portraits of
  show animals,dogs,cats,
  and other prized  animals  ,Meadow Wood Farms,  Monroe, WA
                                   (Jack and Loyal McMillan)

  Reproductions of  approximately twenty selected works are
  currently on the road included in a show by Rhode Island
  University on the theme of Substance Abuse.


   A watercolor painting representing the city of Issaquah, with
   its three mountains, named Tiger,  Cougar,  and Squak, is
   printed on  the Grand Opening Commemorative Cover for
   the New Issaquah Post Office,  released March 1997.  The
   painting and the special limited edition cancellation marking
   the occasion were designed and rendered by Susan Holland.

Susan G Holland
hollandART Studio
Issaquah, Washington
United States

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