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Many Talents, Many Guises, Many Challenges!

Robert Treat is an artist himself! He came to this session with a bizarre assortment of clothing, dressing like the ubiquitous street people in Seattle's Pioneer Square. Robert tells me he actually HAS lived in his van for long periods at a time, although he has many friends in the area all too happy to include him in their homes and lives. He just likes the freedom. When he feels like it, he rents an apartment.

This fellow creates theatrical moments for artists to paint as a business! He has even been known to put a bunch of life models in and around a bathtub as an event for artists to come and make art about! One never knows what he will come up with next. He calls it art theatre.

In the image below, you see a deprived and maybe depraved looking character, his face smudged with soot. If you could see all of him, you would see that Robert is actually reading to us from a thought-provoking book written by a Zen Master. We were listening to a great offering of ethnic songs as well, from a surprising collection of music brought in his bag of tricks.

Pastel on Paper, approximately 22" x 30" unframed

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